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Coronavirus Crisis Donation

Covid 19

Keeping an open door for our most vulnerable 

As we all navigate our way through the Coronavirus crisis; many organisations like ours are closing their doors to the clients, either due to lack of volunteers to operate the services, or moving to a remote service via phone and email.

We want to keep our doors open; as many of the most vulnerable within our community do not have access to phones, or email, or computers and printers. They will be left behind through this crisis. Many of the emergency plans and closures already in place leave them behind.


                The funds will go-to the support the following operational costs:

  • Staffing costs to cover all the roles needed to continue operations as usual

  • Material items such as food/groceries/toiletries and vouchers 

  • Assist in covering rental for the social enterprises that are closed.

KidsAssist Donations:

Diamond Valley Community Support is committed to helping children at risk reach their full potential, and  provides financial assistance to families in the Diamond Valley area, who are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to meet the full cost of school.

Through  KidsAssist we support eligible families with school related expenses including:


· Stationery

· Text books

· Electronic Devices

· Excursions and Camps

· School Sports

· Other essential school items

Homelessness Bags

Thrive packs-Final.png

TLC/Lads Bags/Toiletry Bags:

Handbags and toiletry bags are available filled with soaps, hair products, deodorant, razors, combs, sunscreen, toothbrushes & sanitary products.

DVCS Inc is a registered Australian Charity.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.