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Why help?

To give that 24-year-old guy who hasn’t eaten for 2 days, food and further support.

To give the wife that is in a violent relationship a place to seek support when she doesn’t know where to go.

To give that mum with her 6-year-old daughter a place to sleep tonight, and not be on the streets.


Please donate to our programs, or get in touch to learn about other ways you can help us make a difference.   


DVCS provide support and assistance in the Banyule, Nillumbik and surrounding areas, to people who are in need of relief from poverty, sickness, distress, misfortune, or disability.

Our ER services include:


  • Food Vouchers / Parcels

  • Health Care Prescriptions

  • Fuel / PTV Day Passes

  • Telstra Vouchers

  • Hygiene support 

  • Counselling/Advice Services

  • School Costs

  • Swags, blankets and clothing

Serious Family

You can help families facing difficult circumstances get the essentials they need for their children to reach their full potential.  

The start of the year is an expensive time for most parents — there are new school shoes to buy, stationery list items to tick off, and uniforms to replace with the next size up. To this we must add school fees, electronic devices, camps, and excursions. In some cases, the term fees for a family adds up to roughly $2,800 a year.

Due to current economic circumstances, many families are not able to meet the full cost of school.

Through KidsAssist we support eligible families with school related expenses. Your contribution enables us to provide support to struggling local families.

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DVCS Food Collective is a group of local service delivery and donation partners, working together to address food security challenges for vulnerable and disadvantaged community members in the community.

We do this by sourcing and supplying basic non-perishable food parcels of everyday necessities to those who are experiencing financial crisis and needing emergency relief assistance.

You can join the collective by sponsoring one or many parcels.


DVCS Inc is a registered Australian Charity.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.  

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