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Partner with us

Our why =  To give local residents, who are experiencing personal crisis, the options and resources they need to receive support.

Why help?

We love community, and we couldn’t provide the supports we do without our community of businesses and organisations!


There are so many ways that your business or organisation can partner with DVCS, and the benefits are mutual. Your partnership with DVCS allows us to continue and expand the supports that we offer, while increasing your exposure, providing you the opportunity to learn more about your community, and demonstrate a commitment to community values.

Some ways you can partner with us:

  • Host a fundraising event

  • Host a food drive

  • Invite us to come and speak to your community about the work we’re doing, and what they can do to help

  • Support our social enterprises by promoting our markets, or having a stall yourself!

  • Give a one-off or ongoing donation

  • Offer free/discounted memberships or services to our clients

  • Display and share DVCS promotional materials

For more information on how you can partner with us, please contact:

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