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Statement of Purpose 

  • To provide support and assistance to people who are in need of relief from poverty, sickness, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness.

  • To provide emergency relief by means of food vouchers, food parcels, financial assistance and other material to those in need.  

  • To assist in solving the problems that beset many of the disadvantaged by the provision of relevant information regarding rights, privileges, support services and help available, together with counselling services.

  • To work in conjunction with other community organisations in providing services to alleviate poverty and distress within the community. 

  • To recruit, train and retain a staff of volunteers dedicated to providing expert assistance to enable individuals and families to cope with diverse life situations.

  • To pursue gifts and donations from benefactors, benevolent societies and like organisations as a means of support. 

  • To ensure that individuals and groups have equal access to information about their rights, responsibilities and the services available, in order that they can be independent and effective members of the community​

PLEASE NOTE: Some services may only be provided into the funded areas, please call us to see if you are eligible. 

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